DepEd Biñan introduces E-Learning Program to enhance pronunciation and address reading challenges

Patrick Pelicano   / Oct. 25, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

Image Credits: Patrick Pelicano

An Innovative Initiative

DepEd Biñan introduces E-Learning Program to enhance pronunciation and address reading challenges

In an effort to improve reading proficiency and communication skills in English among elementary and high school students in Biñan City, the Schools Division of Biñan City has adopted the English Computerized Learning Program (ECLP).

This pioneering educational initiative of E-Learning @ Work – Batangas Office combines technology with interactive learning to improve pronunciation and reading proficiency, benefitting learners in different private schools and division offices in Region IV-A.

According to the president of E-Learning @Work, Ms. Mildred Malaluan, the program utilizes multimodality that suits the needs of the learners and is part of 21st-century teaching and learning.

“We are dealing with different learners, our learners are so active, and they would want to explore, that’s the reason why we need to implement a multifunctional learning program,” she explained.

The program has been implemented in 13 private schools, 1 tertiary institution, and 2 division offices in the region.

ELCP benefitted 55,186 students and 905 students in various municipalities and cities in the Batangas province.

“We have been receiving a very good result in terms of the performance of the learners since the beginning of our implementation in 2017,” Malaluan continued.

ELCP in SDO Biñan City

With the program consistently yielding favorable results, the Schools Division of Biñan City adopts and aims to integrate the program into the school curriculum.

By integrating digital tools and cooperative learning, the program will empower students with the skills they need to succeed academically and in life.

According to Dr. Mary Ann Tatlongmaria, Curriculum Implementation Division (CID) chief, this program is part of the plan of the local government and DepEd Biñan to provide quality education, especially to kindergarten students.

“The local government and DepEd Biñan are collaboratively into programs and projects for ‘Batang Biñanense’, such as the ‘Creative Curriculum’ in Kinder Education which will be integrated and also this program is part of the city mayor’s ‘IntraNet’ program,” she explained.

Top officials of DepEd Biñan show optimism that this project will help address prevalent problems in reading ‘Batang Biñanenses’ are facing.

“We should be competitive and assertive in facing the prevalent conditions that we are facing, so we are intensifying opportunities at the foundation level so effective and continuous learning will occur,” Tatlongmaria continued.

A Reading ‘Batang Biñanense’

The DepEd Biñan top officials are optimistic due to the promising results from previous implementations of the program.

According to Dr. Manuela Tolentino, Schools Division Superintendent (SDS), the program is a supplementary material that will help address the problems and help learners achieve language proficiency.

“The program will bridge the gap between the non-readers and the curriculum. This will address the problems with non-readers,” she said.

The program highlights the role of technology integration in teaching and learning.

“E-learning through technology and creative intervention to teach our students about proper pronunciation through proper identification of sounds. This technology will add to the way the teachers teach their lesson in English,” she continued.

DepEd Biñan City is ready to enhance education with the ELCP, and students, and teachers await its positive impact.

In an ever-changing world, Biñan City is taking proactive steps to ensure that its students are well-equipped to face the future with confidence and competence.

“The ELCP will produce a reading ‘Batang Biñanense,” she ended.